About Us

Study in Canada is a certified international education agency, founded in Vancouver Canada. The company was founded with mission to  help newcoming international students to choose, enroll and succeed in their studies in Canada. Our services cover all aspects of an international student’s life. First, we assist our clients with planning and selecting a dream educational institution  in Canada, which best fits their career plan and budget. Then, we facilitate the document submission and enrollment process, followed by students arrival and settlement services.

We work in liaison with parents, Homestay parents, international education departments and teachers to ensure that our client succeed in their lives and studies. We help students to adopt and excell in the new country to successfully pursue their most challenging dreams.

Study in Canada assists clients from high school to post graduate education, and facilitates their early careers by arranging relevant volunteer, internship and first job placement.

Our team include Canada Language and Canada International Education certified consultants, educational consultants, life coaches, tutors and recruitment specialists.

We facilitate and protect your investment in your or your child’s education. Our goal is to help your child and your family to succeed in Canada.