study permit in canada

We have been recently very busy with great inflow of questions derived from our advertising campaign on Facebook. We are very happy that there are many young people living in former USSR republics who want to study in Canada.
If you have written to us, you probably received a link to our questionnaire. The reason for this is that we want to know more about you, your goals and if your expectations to come and study in Canada are realistic.
Unfortunately, many our applicants have unrealistic expectations of Canada. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. If immigration to Canada is your goal, study in Canada is expensive and takes long time. If you and your family do not have resources, you will not be able to study in Canada.
Do not come without enough money counting to earn enough to cover your life and education. It is unrealistic to say the least.

How can we help?: We will design the study path which will allow you to manage your resources wisely and succeed in Canada.

2. Immigration to Canada by getting education and job in Canada is a good path to Permanent Residency and Citizenship, but there is no guarantee. You may or may not make it, even if you finish your PHD here.

How can we help?: Our goal is to help you to do things right, so you end up living in Canada permanently.

2. Do not count on cheating in Canada. Unlike other countries, Canada does not allow and support illegal labor market. If you are hoping to find work illegally here, better go somewhere else. This is not a good place for this.
If you come to study in Canada, but go to work full- time and abandon your study, the college will report you to Immigration and you will be deported.

We work hard and we would like to help everyone. For many of our followers, we are the first point of contact in Canada. We want you to be successful and happy while working with us before and after you come to join us in our beautiful country.