Vocational College

Designed for those who want to get professional education in Canada, with the purpose of immigration.

Customer Service Programs

Designed to meet the needs of students who will be employed in the Retail, Hospitality & Tourism industries in Canada. Students will learn essential informationabout working in Canada, and practical skills that will enhance their job prospects throughout their working lives.

Students will also:

  • develop oral and written communication skills
  • be introduced to Canadian workplace standards
  • develop work readiness attitudes
  • set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible) goals
  • learn creative problem solving approaches
  • practice essential customer service skills relevant to the hospitality and retail sector

Weekly assignments, in class discussions, related field trips, and occupational case studies will be utilized to give students a solid base to start their careers.


Customer Service
16 weeks study, 16 weeks practicum
Price: $5,600

Customer Service Plus:
20 weeks study, 20 weeks practicum
Price: $6,300

Customer Service Plus and Marketing
24 weeks study, 24 weeks practicu 
Price: $7,450

Additional fees on all programs

Student Service fee $800
Registration fee: $150
Material fee: $50 

Admission Requirements

Students should have a minimum of: 

  • High School Graduation
  • Be 19 years of age
  • TOEIC Score 500
  • Skype or Phone Interview


Hotel Management Co-op Program

Hotel Management program including 24 weeks study, 2 weeks project and 26 weeks Co-op. High-end program including AHLEI cerification in:

  • Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  • Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing
  • Managing Front Office Operations
  • International Hotels: Development & Management
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  • Managing Service in Food & Beverage

Program Includes:

  • 600 hours lessons and 50 hours of final project
  • 650 hours paid co-op work period
  • Exam Fees

Tuition $7,495

for 24 weeks study + 26 weeks co-op + 2 weeks project

Additional Fees

  • Registration Fee: $150
  • Textbook Fee: $600
  • Material Fee: $50
  • Student Service Fee: $800 (including 3 guranteed interviews)