Case study: My family and I are expecting to receive our LOA Letter of Application) for conditional enrollment of  my spouse to Kwantlen Polytechnic University for a two-year program Landscape Design + 4 months ESL (IELTS she did not take). 

Our situation:

My wife history:

High School Education plus Secondary  Career Special Education (college with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, archivist), worked mainly as a secretary-referrer. After the birth of her daughter worked for 2 years as a human resources manager, since the summer of 2014 she has been holding a small business (private kindergarten) and as a hobby has been engaged in landscape design.

 My history:

University Education(Nuclear Physics) + Master’s in Finance (Accounting and Financial Management). The last jobs: CEO in a small telecommunications company (6 years), since summer 2014 a self-employed financial adviser + investment consultant.

We would like to take to Canada our daughter: She is going to start school in September

Our history of travel:

Spain, Armenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, in autumn 2014 received a US visa guest (not yet traveled).

What are we going to attach to our application?

  1. Information from our banks on the availability of $90 000 CAD,
  2. Certificates from our country’s tax authorities for the last 2 years (income more than 100 thousand rubles for two), tax returns on the USN for IP with a note from the tax (and her and my IP).
  3. Copies of  my spouse’s contracts for landscaping on our personal plots of our friends’ (to show at least some connection with the chosen training program in Canada)
  4.  Our motivation to return home: Certificates of Ownership of two real estate objects (our apartment + kindergarten premises)
  5. Business Contract/ Power of Attorney to transfer our business to my syster and her spouse for the time of our absence ( they started this business together).

 In the cover letter, we want to write down the following:

1) My spouse is already engaged in landscape design a little, but to get more income and stability, she needs professional education. She does not have a post-secondary education, that’s why she decided to study for a Landscape Designer in Canada.

2) Why in Canada, and not in the Russian Federation? in Moscow, only 3 universities are providing training in this area (MARHI, Forest Institute and PFUR). There are a couple more colleges, but they only give a Certificate, not a Diploma. The Canadian Diploma will certainly be appreciated in our labor market and increase my wife’s chances for success.

3) After the end of the program, we will return to Russia and organize a large-scale business in the field of landscape design, with obtaine the appropriate licenses and participate in tenders for such works (in Moscow, huge budgets are being laid out for this)

4) I, as a financial adviser and private capital manager, I can continuemy work remotely. I will continue working from Canada via internet do not lose my income. The proof is my two NDFL certificates showing that as a broker I was making good income  over the past two years by trading stocks.

5) What are our reasons to return – our real estate, our working business, our elderly parents (both of my parents are retired, and my wife’s parents are retiring this year).